Send Push Notifications to Teams as a Club Administrator

To send a one-way communication directly to team members from the Demosphere admin view, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Club Management View
  • Access the new Demosphere Communication Tool via the Messages Tab under Communication Center

  • Select the Compose New Message Option and Set the Recipient Type filter to Teams
  • Filter for the specific Competiton, Season, Grouping, Team Type or Team Status as Needed
  • Select the Role you want to receive the message
    • Staff Only
    • All Team Members

  • Compose your message in the Mobile App text box - enter up to 280 characters
  • Send your message or Schedule your message to be sent at a later date

Note: If you are only sending a message to the mobile app, uncheck the Email option at the top of the page

Messages will be sent to the Team Wall if the Role is set to All - Staff, Players & Parents

Messages will be sent to all Rostered Team Staff Members in their My Conversations view if the Role is set to Team Staff Only