Send a Message to the Team Wall

To send a message to the Team Wall follow these steps: 

  1. From the home screen, select the team name under the My Active Teams section or select the Teams icon from the footer then tap on the team under the My Teams list.  
  2. On the Team Info view tap on the messages icon then select the Team tab.
  3. Make sure the Team Wall option is selected, type your message, and send.


All Team Members (Rostered Staff and any Household Admins affiliated with a rostered team member) will receive a push notification alerting them to the new message.

Team Members can reply to the Team Wall to engage with other Team Members at any time. 

Tip: Tap and hold on chat messages to use chat reactions or copy message text on the staff walls, team walls, live chats, or direct chats.



Note: If a team member is removed from the roster during the season and they or their household members were part of any team wall, staff wall, or chats, the messages will no longer appear. An indicator where their previous messages are displayed will read ‘Member and Message Removed’.