Respond to Game Assignment Requests

When viewing pending referee assignment requests on the Demosphere Mobile App, referees have the option to accept or decline the assignment for themselves or a member of their household directly on the app. Only household admins will have the ability to accept assignments on behalf of other household members

  • Pending assignments can be viewed by tapping the menu icon > Referees or tapping on the Calendar icon at the bottom of the home screen. Pending assignments will have a question mark icon listed with the game details. 
  • Select a game to view the details such as location map, accepted/pending referee roles, and assignor info
    • If opting to accept an assignment, the assignment will be added to your Referee Calendar.
    • If opting to decline an assignment, a reason must be entered before the decline will be processed. The decline response will be available to Assignors and Admins in the Declined Reasons report. 

View Assignments via My Calendar

View Game Assignment Details

Declining or Accepting can be done on the Assignment detail view. Declining will require a note.