Create and Manage Custom Team Events

Rostered Team Staff can create any number of custom team events directly in the app. Creating, Editing, or Deleting a Custom Event will trigger a push notification to be sent to all Team Members that have Push Notifications enabled on their device. To create custom and modify events, follow the steps below:

  • From the Team Info view, navigate to the team events view by either tapping View All in the Team Events section or tapping the Calendar icon down at the footer. Once on the Team Calendar, team staff can select the New icon in the upper right corner of the team event listing to add a custom event.

    • Note: Custom events can only be created from the Team Calendar view, not the global My Calendar views. 

  • Add in the appropriate event details for event name, date/time, location (added using Google Maps location lookup), and a description.

    • All Day Events: For all-day events, only a date will be entered. 

    • Weekly Recurring Events: If the event occurs on a weekly basis (i.e. practice) check off the option for 'Recurring Weekly Events' to create an event series. You will need to indicate the event series range and select the days and time the event should take place on. 

  • Select If you would like to include a 24-hour notification to be sent to team members. Click here to read more about event reminders. Click Save once complete. 

  • You will be taken to the Event Detail view to confirm the details for your custom event. The Title, Date/Time, Location/Map, and invited Players/Staff/Team Members will be listed on the event detail view. 





  • To make edits to the custom event, a gear icon is available in the upper right corner of the event detail view. 

    • When editing a recurring event, there is an option to edit Only this Event or All Future events in the series.