Print a Basic Contact Roster

Both parents who are members of a team and rostered team staff will have the ability to export a basic contact roster in PDF or a printer-friendly view.

To access the basic contact roster:

  • Click on the mini-menu located in the upper right corner of the team page
  • Select the printer icon and choose your desired file format - printer friendly, PDF, or .CSV

This basic contact roster contains the following information for the team:

If for any reason you do not want Parents and Rostered Team staff to have access to Team Pages, use the guidance here to control those permissions.


NoteHousehold admins and players with login access will not be able to see player DOBs on the roster view or when accessing the basic team roster. The visibility of this data is not impacted for those who hold team staff, registrar, club admin, commissioner, or full admin roles within your organization.