Iowa Soccer Club Webinar FAQs

You Asked, We Answered!

  1. Q: Are we able to import households into the system?  Could we take the data from our current system and pre-load it into your system?

    A: Yes! More information to come on data migration. Data migration from Iowa Soccer in March 2020. 

  2. Q: When you say you will importing birth records/age verifications, coaching docs, etc. are you importing them from the current system Iowa Soccer uses.

    A: Yes, from the current system Iowa Soccer uses. 

  3. Q: You are only importing the flag though, not the actual documents.

    A: Yes, that is correct. 

  4. Q: Since you are only importing the flag, we will need to collect birth certificates again?

    A: No, you will not need to collect that information again. New kids only.

  5. Q: Can you briefly discuss your auto sync of data/registration with ISA and US Soccer?

    A: Once the sync is turned on it is automatic flow up. Photos loaded in the registration process will sync up as well.  You do not have to sync all of your data to ISA. You determine what data you want to sync to ISA. ISA then determines when to sync up to US Soccer.
  6. Q: When you sync the data will it port the proof of birth (birth certificates/passports) or will the parents have to upload again.

    A: As long as proof of birth is in the current Iowa Soccer system, that information will be in the system and flagged as verified. Will not be uploading physical files. Any verifications on coaches will also be included.
  7. Q: Will player photos be synced?

    A: When you collect player photos via the Demosphere Club registration system, those photos will sync into the Iowa Soccer System

  8. Q: Additionally, how does Demosphere team setup/management integrate with ISA team registration?

    A: This will all be via an automated sync that you as the Club Admin will turn on program by program based on which teams/player/staff members you need to sync to Iowa Soccer. Once the sync is turn on, it is an automatic flow of information from the Club to Iowa Soccer.
  9. Q: Can a player belong to multiple households (ie divorced parents)?

    A: Yes. Parents can also be added to a household for communication purposes only - without having login access to that household. 

  10. Q: Are coaches/managers able to print the forms?

    A: Yes - coaches will have access to those forms - they can access one form for each kid in one PDF doc - one page per kid on the roster. 

  11. Q: Are the coaches/managers able to go back and print as well or only by the admin emailing the forms? Many times the coaches "lose" that email.  If that is the case, can they go back into the system and access the forms themselves or does the admin have to send them again?
A: For a form such as a Medical Release Form, the email would send a PDF doc to the coach with one page per player. In short, one consolidated PDF doc that encompasses each player on that team
 1. Need to confirm what is possible from the coach view

  12. Q: Where can Coaches/Players/Parents upload certificates for training completions, birth certificates. Documentation needed for financial aid.
A: The admin is able to create questions that are uploadable.  These can be required or optional by the admin. You can collect financial aid forms/documentation on the participant form that we looked at. The participant form is completely customizable to the information you need to collect

  13. Q: Do clubs have the ability to add links for specific training that we would require for our coaches? like abuse training, Concussion training.

    A: Yes, the volunteer/team staff form is customizable to add links.
  14. Q: What are the fees for CC and ACH Payments?
    A: Here's the Iowa Soccer Member Tearsheet that lists our bundled pricing for Iowa Clubs - this rate includes CC process and all of Demosphere's solutions noted on the doc.
  15. Q: Do you allow parents to pay via ACH payments?
A: We actually turned off this option last year - at least temporarily. It was being used by less than 1% of families and ended up creating lots of problems for Administrators pertaining to bounced deposits, insufficient funds and ACH reversals. Because of those headaches, and the low adoption rate, we made the decision to turn this feature off.

  16. Q: Are there different tiers to this software as far as cost? I don't see a price/services listing on your website.

    A: Please refer to the Iowa Soccer Member Club Tearsheet for the pre-negotiated Club solution, pricing and optional add-on services.
  17. Q: Will be have control over the website (creating our own forms/customizations) with the base package or do we have to purchase the $50/mo Website Content Mgmt System?

    A: You will be able to customize the public registration process to meet the specific needs of your Club.  In regards to the public-facing website, that is an optional solution you can choose to add on. 

  18. Q: Okay, so SSL encryption will be included automatically then?

    A: There is an optional add-on for $50/year for the SSL certificate on the public-facing website only.  The registration system will automatically be hosted securely via SSL encryption.
  19. Q: How long will the $50/mo discount pricing last?
A: There are no plans to automatically increase the $50/per month for the website CMS. Iowa Soccer members are getting 50% off of the standard web hosting fees.  

  20. Q: Are there limitations on adding the optional services? As in, we have to do it at the signing of the contract or can we add it on later?

    A: There are no limitations - you always have the option to grow into the Demosphere partnership as the needs of your organization grow and change.
  21. Q: Also, are there month to month charges for the optional services, or contractual agreements?

    A: The website CMS and hosting is charged quarterly and you would need an agreement to get it set up and add to your dashboard.  If you choose to discontinue service at a later time, then it is just a 60-day written notice with no termination fees.

  22. Q: If I wanted to include uniform pricing as part of registration and export a report to send to a uniform vendor, is this possible
    A: Yes, you are able to add uniform pricing, sizing and/or jersey numbers to the customizable registration form.  You are then able to export that data to your uniform provider. 

  23. Q: Will Iowa Soccer share when the training-based webinars will be happening with us or will that come from you?

    A: We will definitely communicate training-based webinars and when they're happening., in conjunction with Iowa Soccer.