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Q: What is the Risk Management process?

  1. You can view the scenarios and steps in the WYSA RIsk Management Guide

Q: What are the active rules in place for printing rosters and passes? 

  1. Please review the list of WYSA Roster Rules by Team Type

Q: What is the latest update on the Team Staff Import? as of 8/10/18

  1. A: We have completed the import of the team staff data. We are currently working to ensure the Risk Management statuses have properly updated, especially as it relates to team staff who had been manually added to the system before the import process. PLEASE NOTE: there are some scenarios where duplicate staff members were created:
    1. If the staff member had a different email address in the system compared to what was in the import file
    2. If the staff member has a different household name in the system compared to what was in the import file.
    3. If you see a duplicate staff member, you can/should add the staff member to the roster that has the risk management status completed, and remove the staff member from the roster that does not have the risk management status completed.
    4. We will continue to monitor and clean up any glaring duplicates that may have been created upon import over the coming weeks.
    5. If you don't see a staff member that you are expecting to see, or if a staff member is missing their risk management status that you believe should be there, please contact us at
    6. Reminder that the Risk Management status workflow requirement has been relaxed for printing rosters for this weekend.

Q: What is the criteria for my players and team staff to sync from my Club to WYSA?

  1. Players must have a registration status = Active
  2. Volunteers/Team Staff must have a volunteer status = Approved and have a role of coach, asst. coach, or manager.
  3. The season must have the sync added under Season Settings to the appropriate seasonal year in the WYSA system
  4. If the Proof of Birth has been verified for a player in the WYSA system, this means WYSA has already verified the player's name, date of birth and gender as it exists in the WYSA system and they have locked this player's record from being edited. If you notice an issue with a player's name, date of birth, and/or gender after their proof of birth has been verifed in the WYSA system, please send an email to WYSA to request the update in their system.

Q: How do I login to the WYSA system to access my Club's information, manage teams, rosters and passes?

  1. The login URL is:
  2. If you are a Demosphere registration customer, your email and password will be the same as the login you use to access your Demosphere Club registration system
  3. If you don't remember your login information, please click the Forgot Password link on the login page above.

Q: How do I contact Demosphere for Support?

  1. Chat with us online when logged in to your Demosphere system (Support Chat tab in the user bar)
  2. Submit a Support Case online
  3. Email us at
  4. Call us at 800-949-9440, Option 2

Q: What is the public registration link I need to post on my website and email to my members?

  1. You can find the public registration link by going to Dashboard -> RosterPro -> Registration Settings tab -> Settings -> Public Registration Links.
  2. Alternatively, you can use your login link and replace the" /_login" with "/_registration" (e.g.

Q: How do my members/parents login to update their information and make payments?

  1. Your members login using the same URL that you use to login as an Administrator: e.g. When they look at the dashboard, they will only see the My Account Information section, from which they can access their household and members, their member profile, registration orders and public registration.

Q: How do my members/parents upload player photos?

  1. A player photo can be uploaded into the system during the public registration process on Step 2.1, Identify Participant.
  2. If they skip this step (meaning they choose not to upload a photo) they can always log back in to the dashboard, click to manage their profile and upload a photo at any time.
  3. NOTE: we are currently working to resolve an issue related to accepting invitations where Step 2.1 is skipped during the public registration process if a member is accepting an intivation. If they receive an invitation from the system inviting them to register for a competitive program, the member will have to log into their profile (referred to above in #2) and upload their photo.
  4. Feel free to share this public guide for updating profiles and photos

Q: How do I print passes within the WYSA System?

  1. A: Follow the steps outlined in this document.

Q: How do I set the WYSA Event and Clinic Waiver in the Demosphere system?

  1. A: This is handled as a printable data form that is setup under Form Builder. The PDF can be found here and the JPG version for the form background image can be found here. A Demosphere support team member can assist with this step.

Q: Do I need to setup the WYSA Registration Form in the Demosphere system?

  1. A: No - this form was being provided as a resource for those players who may register via paper, instead of online. Per WYSA, this form is not needed for online registration. 

Q: What if I still want to print out the WYSA Registration Form, even though it's not required?

  1. A: Please email us at requesting assistance with setting up the WYSA Registration Form and one of our team members will help you get the form uploaded and mapped with the proper data fields. 

Q: What is the WYSA-required waiver text that I need to include in my Demosphere default-waiver section?

  1. A: Please copy and paste the text below into either the Default Waiver section under RosterPro -> Registration Settings, or in the Seasonal Waiver section in Season Settings when managing a specific season:
    1. "Recognizing the possibility of injury or illness, and in consideration for the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA), US Youth Soccer and members of US Youth Soccer accepting my son/daughter as a player in the soccer programs and activities of WYSA, US Youth Soccer and its members (the “Programs”), I consent to my son/daughter participating in the Programs. Further, I release, discharge, and otherwise indemnify WYSA, US Youth Soccer, its member organizations and sponsors, their employees, associated personnel, and volunteers, including the owner of fields and facilities utilized for the Programs, against any claim by or on behalf of my player son/daughter as a result of my son’s/daughter’s participation in the Programs and/or being transported to or from the Programs, which transportation I authorize. My son/daughter has received a physical examination by a physician and has been found physically capable of participating in the Programs. I give my consent to have an athletic trainer and/or doctor of medicine or dentistry provide my son/daughter with medical assistance and/or treatment and agree to be responsible financially for the reasonable cost of each assistance and/or treatment. I agree that if it appears that my child may have sustained a concussion or head injury that he or she is to be removed from the competition until such time that a trained medical professional can examine them and approve their return to play soccer. In such case, I understand that I am to provide a written clearance for my player to return to play soccer. I understand that once a player has been offered a position on a team, has accepted a position on that team, and completes registration, that player is committed to the club for the seasonal year (8/1 – 7/31). The WYSA player transfer policy also takes effect at this time."

Q: What are the WYSA team types for the 2018-19 season?

  1. Pre-K
  2. US Youth Soccer National League
  3. WDA
  4. State League
  5. Classic
  6. Youth Academy
  7. Pool Comp
  8. Pool Rec
  9. Recreational
  10. Recreational Side by Side
  11. TOPSoccer
  12. In House

Q: What are the standard WYSA Age Groups that I should add to my season structure for the 2018-19 seasonal year?

  1. U5 - 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2016
  2. U6 - 01/01/2013 - 12/31/2013
  3. U7 - 01/01/2012 - 12/31/2012
  4. U8 - 01/01/2011 - 12/31/2011
  5. U9 - 01/01/2010 - 12/31/2010
  6. U10 - 01/01/2009 - 12/31/2009
  7. U11 - 01/01/2008 - 12/31/2008
  8. U12 - 01/01/2007 - 12/31/2007
  9. U13 - 01/01/2006 - 12/31/2006
  10. U14 - 01/01/2005 - 12/31/2005
  11. U15 - 01/01/2004 - 12/31/2004
  12. U16 - 01/01/2003 - 12/31/2003
  13. U17 - 01/01/2002 - 12/31/2002
  14. U18 - 01/01/2001 - 12/31/2001
  15. U19 - 01/01/2000 - 12/31/2000

Q: How do my parents/members login to the Demosphere system to register once they have been imported?

  1. A: Please share this public guide with your members to help them claim their account in the Demosphere system.

Q: If my Club needs to finish out registrations with the League One platform through June 30th, what will the transition to Demosphere look like? (Video here)

  1. A: FOR TRAVEL Programs
    1. Parents register and pay an initial deposit to accept their team spot in the League One system
    2. Clubs setup the Travel 2018-19 season within the Demosphere system with the appropriate teams/fees and payment plan(s)
    3. Demosphere imports the player data, including the team name, into an import season within the Demosphere system
    4. Clubs invite players to their respective teams in the Demosphere system by adding them from an invite list from the imported season that came from League One
    5. OPTION: If you don't wish to wait for League One players to be imported and invited to the season, you CAN open registrations on July 1st and start taking registrations immediately. This will only work if you don't need to invite players, and if all players have paid the deposit in League One, with the remaining balance due setup as the fee in the Demosphere system.
    6. Parents accept their invitation and pay the appropriate fee, which they can either pay in full or choose one of the payment plans that were setup in Step 2
    7. Players, teams and rosters sync to the WYSA system
  2. A: FOR RECREATIONAL Programs: (Video here)
    1. Parents will register their children through the League One platform through June 30th
    2. Demosphere imports the Rec player data into a new Rec program/season within the Demosphere system (the import process will create the season, the age groups, and all of the players will be placed in their proper grouping based on age/gender)
    3. Players who did not register prior to June 30th in the League One system will register in the Rec season that was imported into the Demosphere system (i.e. if we are importing your Rec data from League One, you DO NOT need to setup your Rec program in the Demosphere system ahead of time).
    4. After the current Rec season has been imported, click to "manage" that season to update the season settings so NEW players can actively register within this SAME season (this will ensure all Rec players are registered within the same season whether they registered with League One or with Demosphere):
      1. Season Settings
      2. Fees & Discounts
      3. Participant Form
      4. Volunteer Management
    5. Make sure registration dates are set so the program/season is OPEN
    6. Email the updated registration link to your members
    7. Update your website with the new registration link to the Demosphere system