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Protected Access Users

Protected Users are individuals that have the ability to see a certain amount of content within your site, but do not have the ability to edit, delete, or add content.

Step 1: To create Protected Users, begin in the User Administration dashboard.

Step 2: Create a a new role called "Protected User".

Step 3: Scroll down to the Site Map option and check the protected view box. Click Save.

Step 4: Back in the User Administration dashboard, click on the Protected User role in the User Roles column (left) and begin adding users by filling in their login email, first name, and last name. Their password will be auto-generated by the system and sent to that particular user.

Step 5: After adding them into the system, go to the Site Map section of your WebWriter website. Find the department or sub-department that you would like to be visible only to the Protected Users. Click Edit.

Step 6: Switch into the Publish Options tab and select the Protected View.

Step 7: Add all of the users that you would like to be able to view this section of your website. 

Protected Access Users Video Tutorial


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