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Demosphere suggests constructing your site’s departments in the Site Map section before creating the navigation menu on your page. Menu items can be drawn directly from a completed Site Map rather than manually added.

Once your Site Map has been set up, begin building your navigation menu within the Page Templates section. After the navigation has been created in one of the templates it can be cloned in the remaining templates. You will not have to rebuild the navigation menu for each.

Select one of the templates to work with and locate the top horizontal navigation menu.

  • If a menu already exists within the navigation bar, click the blue edit button in the right-hand corner to make changes to the existing options.
  • If no menu exists, create a brand new menu by clicking the green Add Content button and select the Navigation Module option.

Menu Display Preview dialog will appear, allowing you to set your menu items, publish options, and clone instances.

Build With Item Types


Menus can be built using Links or grouping pages in SubMenus

  • Adding pages as links on the menu bar will redirect visitors to that page when the item is clicked. 
  • Submenus will display dropdown menus when a visitor hovers over the item.
  • Links appear next to a blue link symbol in the Menu Builder, while SubMenus appear next to a folder image with green dropdown arrows.

However, if you have already created your Site Map, selecting the Copy from Site Map option can cut down the time spent creating menus.


When using the Copy from Site Map item type, you are able to Select a Department from your pre-made Site Map. Selecting one of the departments will automatically add the department, as well as links and subdepartments associated with that department.


For example, copying the Travel department from the Site Map will also add the Boys and Girls subdepartments along with their corresponding links.

Copy each department from the Site Map to the navigation menu options to save time manually adding link URLs and duplicating the Site Map structure.

Once the navigation menu has been saved, menu items will appear on your page as links and dropdowns according to the specifications that have been set in your Menu Builder.

Navigation Video Tutorial


Have an additional question about Navigation? Reach out to Demosphere Support or read more on the Demosphere Blog!