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Adding Content Rotators

Depending on your template design, there will be a variety of available sections to place content. Click on the green Add Content button in any of the available locations to begin creating content on your site.

A pop-up window will appear asking you to select between the different content items. Click on the Content Rotator option to begin.

Within the Display Options tab, the Site Administrator has control over a handful of different customization options:

  • Transition Interval: Set the exact number of seconds each article/image will show
  • Rotator: Choose between Responsive (mobile-friendly), Thumbnail Slider, or Basic Rotator
  • Thumbnails: Set vertical, horizontal, or no thumbnails to display upcoming images


Saving these options will result in an empty content rotator. Next, the Site Administrator will want to add content. Hovering over the right-hand corner of the published rotator will reveal the option to Add Content. Articles, Raw Code, and/or Images are all able to be included as rotating objects in the content rotator.