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Uploading Documents

The File Manager is located in a sub-tab within the WebWriter Content Management System accordion on the main dashboard, labeled "CMS FILE MANAGEMENT".


The left-hand column - DIRECTORIES/FOLDERS - contains a list of expanded, but collapsible folders outlining the Site Map structure of the website. The "Home" Department folder is selected by default.

The right-hand column - FILES - consists of a header section and a table listing all files found under the selected Department on the left. The header section includes a green "Upload Files" button which opens the File Manager file upload dialog when clicked.


The File Manager upload modal allows administrators to drag and drop files directly into the upload window, or click the orange Locate Files button to open the user's local file browser. Multiple files can be selected and uploaded simultaneously.

Once files have been identified for upload, a fill-width table titled "FILES TO UPLOAD" auto-populates with File Name (rename for upload, if desired), Size, Status, and the option to Remove the file from the upload preparation table.


During the upload process, each file's percentage column is updated individually. Once all files are 100% complete, the dialog window will close itself and the file table listed will updated without requiring a page refresh.

Opening the File Manager modal dialog from any WebWriter page will display the same functionality as from the Dashboard, and limits the User to accessing only WebWriter files.

Uploading Documents Video Tutorial


Have an additional question about uploading documents? Reach out to Demosphere Support!