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Site Map

Within the WebWriter CMS dashboard, click into the second orange button labeled Site Map.

Here you will view the departments and subdepartments that have been set up for your site. To add, edit or delete and departments, hover your mouse over an item and move it to the far right of the screen. Four icons will appear, allowing you to manipulate your site map items.


Administrators can add a deparment at any level of the site map using the green Plus icon. Depending on which item you click on to add a new item, the new department will nest below that level. Once you click the Plus icon, simply add a new Department Title, any department-specific managers, and set the publishing options (public, pending public view, timeframe, or protected view). 

Once a department has been created, you may want to move the page in a new order or location. Clicking and holding the yellow Arrow icon allows the Admin to move the department to a new location and order.