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Paste From Word

There are two vital tools when migrating content from a third party source (i.e. another website, Microsoft Word, an email, etc.) into your Demosphere site: Paste from Plain text or Paste from Word.

These two tools allow you to migrate content without migrating the extra HTML that will hinder the formatting of the text. Follow the steps below to paste content:

Step 1: Copy the text from an outside source.

Step 2: Go to your website and create a new article/edit an existing article.

Step 3: Select the clipboard icon. There are three clipboard icons in the Story Content dialog box: Paste, Paste Plain Text, and Paste From Word.


Step 4: Paste the information you copied from Step 1. To paste, hold the Control (CTRL) key down on your keyboard and hit the letter "V". This strips all coding that Word adds.

Step 5: Make the necessary adjustments to the content and click Save.

Paste From Word Video Tutorial


Have an additional question about how to paste from Word? Reach out to Demosphere Support!