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WebWriter® allows control of multiple calendars, within multiple departments. Once you've arrived at the page you'd like to include a calendar on, click the green Add Content button and select the Calendar option.

The calendars utilize a tagging system. Each calendar must include at least one tag.

You might create a calendar on the “Girls U8” page and want it to display only events specific to the Girls U8 teams. During the creation of that calendar, set the tag as “Girls U8”. Every event that has the "Girls U8" tag will appear on the "Girls U8" calendar. However, on the Home Page you might want the main calendar to display upcoming events for all of the teams in the club. In that case, set the calendar to show all upcoming events with the tags “Girls U8,” "Boys U8,” and every other individual group. 


The WebWriter® calendars can be displayed as fully-formatted calendars or lists of upcoming events and include Google Calendar Importing Capability.

Once the calendar has been published, events can be added. Click on a date on the calendar to open the event dialog window. Each event requires a set start and end date, times, and event tags.