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Send RosterPro Teams To TeamNet

RosterPro Teams can be sent to TeamNet with the push of a button - allowing Team Admins and Coaches to independently manage their Teams.

From the Season Management section, Site Administrators can click the "Send Teams to TeamNet" button to push the Team data to the TeamNet Team Creation.

The button is visible for:
  • Any individual Team (from Registration Management)
  • Any Seasonal Grouping (from Season Structure)
  • The Season (from Season Structure)


If the button is clicked for a Seasonal Grouping, all Teams for that grouping will be included.

If the button is clicked for a Season, all Teams will be included.

Upon clicking any of the "Send Teams to TeamNet" buttons, a dialog is displayed which includes:

  • Total count of Teams
  • Number of teams to create
  • Number of teams to update
If teams are being created in TeamNet for the first time, the dialog will include:
  • Total count of Team Staff
  • Total count of Players
  • Total count of Parents


Clicking the dialog's Confirm and Send button initiates the creation of new TeamNet Teams.

Team Staff with emails are each sent a notification email from RosterPro that they have been given Admin access (based on their roles of Coach, Manager, Assistant Coach) to a new Team on TeamNet, with details on the Client, Program, Season, and Seasonal Groupings, and information on how to log into their new TeamNet Team.

Once Teams have been submitted to TeamNet, Site Admins can click a button titled "Update to TeamNet". Buttons at the Season and Seasonal Grouping levels will still continue to display "Send to TeamNet" until ALL related Seasonal Teams have been linked to a TeamNet Team ID.

Clicking the button re-submits RosterPro Team data and updates linked TeamNet Teams.


Have an additional question about pushing teams to TeamNet? Reach out to Demosphere Support!