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Add To A Team Calendar

Your team's calendar can be found by selecting an available teams listed under the My Teams sidebar option and then navigating to the Calendar dashboard.


Administrators can add new events to a specific team's calendar by clicking on the desired date and adding even-specific information to the pop-up dialog that appears.

Events can be set to "All Day" or have specific start and end times.

When entering the location, the Google-powered system auto-populates the remainder of the address.


Adding invitees for invitee-only events can be done based on Role or Member name.

For example, if creating an event for Coaches and Assistant Coaches only, the Administrator would select those two Roles from the list, excluding Parents, Players, and Managers.


The system will automatically send out event reminders to all invitees 24 hours prior to the event. The Administrator can change the Event Reminder feature setting from default to Off.

Within the TeamNet system, events can be set as Repeat Events.

The Administrator has the flexibility to specify the frequency of each event - whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly.



Have an additional question about calendars in TeamNet? Reach out to Demosphere Support!