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How does the Risk Management self-pay option work?

A setting is available for Risk Management to allow applicants to pay for and submit their own applications in the system.  The fee for the application will be equal to the amount listed on your agreement with Demosphere for Risk Management.

To enable self-pay, go to the main dashboard and then expand the Risk Management section>click the Risk Management settings tab>click the 'Risk Management Self Pay' setting and then the blue edit button to turn on the self-pay option.   

 Once the self pay option is enabled, all Risk Management applications that are filled out by your organization's volunteers will be prompted with a required payment interface before the application can be completed/submitted (see screenshot below).  When the applicant does pay and submit the order, the application will be sent directly to the background check organization for processing.  Once the results are returned, the Risk Management admin can review the results and approve or deny the volunteer's Risk Management application.  

Important notes on the self-pay feature:

  • Using the self-pay option will disable the Risk Management admin's ability to submit an application to the background check organization on the applicant's behalf.  The volunteer/applicant will have to submit and pay for the application before it goes to the background check organization.
  • If an application is returned with an error (e.g. incorrect social security number, name, etc...), the applicant will still be charged for the application that contained the error.  The Risk Management admins will receive an email when an application is returned with an error.  The application that has the error can then be cancelled and send out a new application to the volunteer so they can try again.