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Risk Management Privacy Administrators

You can view the Risk Management privacy admins for your system by going to the dashboard and then Risk Management>Risk MGMT settings tab>click the 'Risk Management Privacy Administrators' setting.  

To add a Risk Management Privacy admin to your account, please have one of the existing Risk Management Privacy admins send an email to with the request.  Please include the new admin's full name and email address.  This new admin should already be added to the full admin user role in your system before making sending the request to our support team.   You can view the current Risk Management Privacy admins for your system by going to Risk Management>Risk Management Settings tab>Risk Management Privacy Administrators setting from your main dashboard.

Our support team will grant the new Risk Management Privacy admin(s) permissions in your system.  Afterward, the new admin(s) will be able to submit prepared applications to the background check provider as well as view the background check results!
Only Risk Management Privacy Administrators who are set up by Demosphere can:
  • Send a volunteer's completed application to the background check agency.

  • Review the results of a returned application;

  • Indicate that a person has an approved RM Status and set an expiration date;

  • Indicate someone is Denied for their RM Status.


Admins without Risk Management Permissions can:

  • View the Risk Management Dashboard and Manage Risk Management Settings;

  • Search for people to send Risk Management Applications to;

  • View and edit the Application (filled out by the user) but not view the results of the background check.