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Team Building

Site Admins can share the steps for building teams and rosters in the RosterPro Registration System with their Age Group Commissioners or others who may be assisting with the team building process. 

From the RosterPro Registration System dashboard, click into the program/season you'd like to work in. Navigate to the Registration Management tab.

The first step in building your roster is limiting the top data grid to information that important to you. Select the purple Configure Table button and choose to display the information that is pertinent to your roster-building decisions. For example, you may with to display the Participant First Name, Last Name, Group Name (grouping they're eligible to play in) and Team Name.

Clicking into a team within the Season Structure (bottom left) will automatically filter the available participants and display only those eligible to play in that particular grouping structure. 

To add a new team, click the green Add New Team button and give the team a name of your choice.

To place a player onto the team you've just created, simply drag and drop the player from the table into the team roster. As members are placed on a team, their information will fade to gray in the participant table.

The process of placing Volunteers is very similar to placing Participants on a team roster. At the top of the page, click into the Volunteer Registrations data. Use the same drag and drop functionality to place the volunteers on a team.

Once a roster has been built, it can be exported from the system as a printable PDF. You can also send an email to the staff on the team with the roster attached.


Team Building Video Tutorial


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