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Season Structure

If you are a Site Administrator, you can create a customized season structure in the RosterPro Registration System to match the setup of your program exactly.

First, create your structure by clicking the blue Edit icon from the Season Structure tab when managing any season. Make sure your season is properly named. Avoid including program names with specific timeframes (i.e. Fall 2014, 2015-2016).

Add the various grouping levels that define your season:

  • A typical Rec league may have levels that look like: Season, Gender, Age Group
  • A typical Competitive league may have levels that look like: Season, Gender, Age Group, Division, Team
  • A typical Camp or Training program may look like: Season, Location, Course, Week/Time

After saving the levels, you will see a green Add button. Click to add in your groupings to each level 

  • Under Gender you may have Boys, Girls and Co-Ed.
  • Under Age Group you may have U9, U10, U11, etc.
  • Under Location you may have the names of your various camp locations.

Once your structure is complete, you can move on to edit the seasonal groupings to add eligibility, tie fees to the grouping, setup invite lists, add seasonal grouping admins and more.

Season Structure Video Tutorial


Have an additional question about Season Structure? Reach out to Demosphere Support!