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Report Builder

The Report Builder Dashboard allows you to create, run, edit and delete reports to help you keep your reports organized, up-to-date and easy to access!

In Report Builder, add Report Groups to help you keep your various reports organized by category.  For example, you may have report groups such as Financial, Household, Recreation, Travel, Other Programs, etc. Report Groups will be displayed alphabetically within the list

  • New reports can be ADDED in any of these report groups by clicking the green Add New Report button
  • Existing reports can be MOVED into a different group using the yellow Move button to drag the report into another group
  • Existing reports can be RUN by clicking the dark blue Run Report button
  • Existing reports can be EDITED by click the light blue Edit Report button
  • Existing reports can be DELETED by clicking the red Trash button



Report Builder Video Tutorial


Have an additional question about Report Builder? Reach out to Demosphere Support!