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Refunds and Adjustments

In the RosterPro Registration dashboard, click into the Household Management tab. Assuming you know the name of the Household whose order you'd like to refund or adjust, type the Household name into the search bar and click the orange Search All Households button.

Click on the Household name to enter it and switch into the Registration Order History tab. All of the Household's orders will be listed under the Orders By Date sidebar (left). Find the order in question and click on it, highlighting it in orange.

Above the Order Overview there will be a red button to Refund payments. Record a partial refund on any of the line items within the order. Include an optional remark at the bottom of the screen to indicate why the refund was issued.


If the original payment was placed on a credit card, the refund will return the money to that card. If the payment was in the form of cash or check, the Site Administrator will have to issue a check. If the credit card on file is no longer available, the Site Administrator can select an alternative refund method.

Rather than issuing a refund, if the order still has a remaining amount due, the Site Administrator can opt to discount the remaining cost by adjusting it down. To make adjustments to the amount due, click on the blue Manage Unpaid Payments button (top right). Clicking Manage Unpaid Payments will open a dialog box with a list of dates across the top - each representing the date that an unpaid payment has been scheduled. 

The new dialog box will show the original amount due on the order, how much has been paid, and how much has been adjusted.


If, for any reason, you'd like to give the Household a discount on their order you can adjust the current balance to a new lower price. There is a field available at the bottom of the window to include an explanation of the discount.

After saving, the new remaining balance will appear on the order, and the adjustment will be documented as a new line item.

If you've given an adjustment, but later in the season the player is able to come back to play, you may want to charge them the discounted amount. You have the ability to charge them up to the adjustment amount, however, you cannot charge more than the cardholder originally agreed to.

Refunds Video Tutorial

Adjustments Video Tutorial


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