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Form Builder

To begin customizing your registration form, first open the program/competition and season that you would like to work in. Switch into the Participant Form tab.

A grid area will appear on the screen. This expandable grid will adjust in size as you add registration questions to it.

Across the top of the page there will be various buttons to help you customize the participant form:

  • Quick Save
  • Save as Template
  • Add Basic Form Item
  • Add From Template 
  • Edit Item
  • Public View

Demosphere recommends starting every participant form from a template and modifying and customizing it to fit the specific season. Click the green Add From Template button to reveal System Templates (created by Demosphere) and the Custom Domain Templates (created by your organization).

To add one of these templates to your participant form, simply click on the name. Now you can begin modifying the form.

Every question on the form will have three buttons appear when clicked: move, edit and delete. To move an item, click and hold the yellow button. Drag and drop the question to a new spot on the form.

Questions can be marked as a required response, set as conditional questions, and have fees tied to them.

Form Builder Video Tutorial


Still not completely comfortable with the ins and outs of Form Builder? Watch this Maximize Demosphere session all about Form Builder and template creation!