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Financial Aid

To allow registrants to apply for financial aid during the public registration process, a Site Administrator can turn ON Financial Aid for any given season under the Season Settings.

When turned ON, Admins also have the ability to customize a confirmation message that will be appended to the default registration confirmation message and email. This message can be used to communicate instructions to registrants about the financial aid approval process, forms submission and links, etc.

Once the feature has been turned ON for a season, the registrant will see an option at checkout to "Apply for Financial Aid" in addition to "Pay in Full" and "Pay in Installments" (if the installments feature has been turned on).

The registrant will not be charged any money at check out for financial aid registrations and their registration will go into a "pending financial aid" status.

The Site Administrator can then navigate to the order in the household and either decline or approve the financial aid request. If declined, the status can be updated to "pending payment", "active", "inactive", etc. 

If approved, the Site Admin can then record a "financial aid" payment. This will reduce the amount owed by the registrant. The financial aid payment can then be tracked via the Financial Aid report in the Financial & Banking tab.

NOTE: After the payment is made, the Admin will also need to update the registration status from "pending financial aid" to something like "pending payment" or "active". 

The household administrator will receive an automatic email once a financial aid payment has been applied to their registration, and if there is a balance remaining, they can click a link in the email to log back in and pay the balance due via credit card.

If the Admin Proxy Only option is selected, the financial aid feature will be ON, but it will NOT be available to the public - it will ONLY be available to administrators who are doing a proxy registration on behalf of the Household. This allows administrators to register a participant and select financial aid, but not expose this option to all members of the organization.

Financial Aid Video Tutorial


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