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For any season, you can have unlimited discounts that can be applied to one or more fees when applicable. There are several options when setting up discounts:

  • Discount name: This is what will appear as a line item during the public registration process and will also show up on the order/receipt details. Examples include Multi-Registration Discounts, Early Bird Discounts, Scholarships, Promotional Discounts, etc.
  • Discount Amount: This can be a flat dollar amount or a percentage and will be applied to all fees that are marked as "discountable".
  • Discount Code: A case sensitive code can be added to the system and shared with specific members to ensure they are getting the discount that is appropriate for them. If you are using the discount code option, you will also need to add a text field to the participant form to provide a place for members to enter this code. When editing this text field on the form, check off "discount code lookup" under Data Binding to ensure the discount is applied at checkout.
  • Auto Apply Discounts: Check this off if you would like to apply the discount automatically during a specific timeframe (such as an Early Bird Discount) or if you would like to automatically apply a discount to multiple registrations within the same household.
  • Min/Max # of Households: Use this feature if you would like a discount to be automatically applied to more than one registration within a household. For example, if you want the first registration to pay full, but any siblings or subsequent registrations in the household to receive a discount, you would enter a min of "2" and either enter a max number of registrations that can receive the discount, or leave blank for unlimited.
  • Pay in Full Discounts: If you wish to offer a discount to registrants who choose to pay in full (versus installments) you can enter a percentage or a dollar amount.
  • Linked Seasons for Household Multi-Registration discounts: If you would like families to receive discounts for registering more than one player or for more than one program, you can search for programs/seasons that have been setup and link them together. The min/max will apply across seasons. NOTE: the registrations don't have to be done at the same time for the min/max discount functionality to apply.