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Collecting E-Signatures/Initials on Printable Forms

Demosphere’s registration system now supports the collection of e-signatures and e-initials on Printable Data Forms during the online registration process. This new feature is a quick way to setup and record signatures on an easy-to-use interface. Registration Administrators will have the ability to print or email any team’s collection of signed forms as needed. Follow the instructions below to setup your e-signature enabled printable forms.

Step One: Setup

Create Your Printable Forms Group

Navigate to the Form Builder menu from your Admin Dashboard and click on the Printable Data Forms tab. From this view, click on the green Add Group tab to setup a new Printable Form group/collection.

Build Your Custom Printable Data Form Library within your Group

Once you have your Group setup, begin the form creation process by clicking on the green Create Form button.

Set the "Print Forms based on" dropdown to the participants option.  Next, use the Add Basic Form Item tab at the top of the page to build your printable form. Here you will see new options available to include a required e-signature or required e-initials field on your printable data form.

Note: the inputs for e-signatures and e-initials are automatically marked as required fields. The required field attribute cannot be turned off for these options at this time.

Create a Printable Data Form from a Pre-Existing Document

To apply the new signature field(s) to an existing form that you already have prepared, hover over your printable form view and click on the blue edit icon that appears in the upper right hand corner of the page.

From here, you can select a background image to apply to the entire form and map your registration data fields to. In this example, we’ll take a generic Medical Release Form, map registration information on the form fields, and apply a required e-signature field to it.

Make sure you have an image (a PDF will not work but you can take a screenshot of your PDF and save the image) of your form available in advance. You can also convert your PDF document into an image file using some versions of Adobe Acrobat or using native Windows or iOS tools. Here is a guide to different options on how to easily convert your PDF file into an image:

Select the Select Image option that appears on the Page Settings pop-up

Find the previously prepared image of your form and upload as your Printable Form background image by clicking on the Upload Files button.

Once you have uploaded your background image, you can adjust the opacity settings so you can see the form grid which will help you line up any added basic form items. You can return to this step anytime in the form creation process.

Once the background image is placed, you can add basic form items directly on the image. Click on the green Add Basic Form Item button at the top of the page to get started. To map the fields on the background image directly to the available database fields, use the Data Field option.

Other options for basic labels, paragraphs, images, tables, and containers are also available. You can add the new options to include a required e-signature or required e-initials field on your printable data form with a background image as well.

During the registration process, the user can adopt their e-signature and/or e-initials by clicking in the ‘Click here to Sign’ box on the printable form.

Note: During the creation of your Printable Data Form, be sure to save your progress as you make updates. There is a Quick Save button at the top of the screen that will save your progress as you design your form.

Once you have completed your Printable Data Form setup, it’s now time to select which forms you want users to sign during their registration process.

Select Printable Data Form(s) to Include During Registration

At this step, you’ll need to return to your Registration Management Dashboard and navigate to the Seasonal Registration Setup for the program you want to include the Printable Data Form on.

There is a new block available on the Season Settings tab named Included Printable Data Forms. Click on the Edit List button in this block and then the green Include Additional Form button on the Included Printable Forms pop-up.

Choose the Printable Data Forms you want to include during the registration process from this view. The pop-up will display all Printable Data Forms you have created in this view. You can select as many forms you need in this step.

Once you have selected all Printable Data Forms you need to include during the registration process, you can use the yellow arrow icon to drag the forms in the order you want them to display. The Printable Data Forms will display directly after the Seasonal Waiver (Step 2.6).

You are now all set to collect e-signatures or e-initials during your program’s registration process!

Step Two: Data Collection During Registration

When users register for programs that include Printable Data Forms with e-signatures, they will encounter the required forms directly after the Waiver Step (Step 2.6) Clicking in the signature or initials box will open a pop-up window where users can type or draw their signature or initials and apply a unique font style to their entry.

The end result will be an e-signed or initialed printable form. For site admins that are conducting a proxy-registration, the option to skip the signature fields and click on the Continue button at the bottom of each printable form will be enabled. You can print these forms post-registration and have the parent/guardian sign the form in person if preferred.

Step Three: Access your Printable Data Forms by Team

To access the Printable Data Forms, navigate to the Registration Management view for your program. At the Team Level, there is a button to Manage Team Documents available above the team roster table.

At this time the printable data forms are only accessible at the Team level.

Clicking on this button will give you access to all of the Team’s Documents: Rosters, Registration Documents, and Other Printable Forms. To find the e-signature documents, select the Registration Documents tab. Select which set of registration documents you want to print or email.

Clicking Next will allow you to select your export method.

Download Documents will let you download the entire team’s e-signed documents in a PDF format. The PDF will generate and be emailed directly to you.


Send Via Email will let you select Team Staff and/or type in individual, comma separated email addresses to send the documents via email. Clicking the Send Now button will populate the data and email the completed forms to your selected recipients.

Note: The more complex (in number and size) the Printable Data Form collection is, the longer the email will take to arrive.


Need help getting started? Email us at and we’ll be happy to get you on the path to enhanced data collection with e-signature/initials capabilities!