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Admin Users

Add, edit and delete different roles and Administrators who have access to your RosterPro Registration System using the User Administration dashboard.


Once logged into the My Profile Dashboard, scroll down and click to open the User Administration accordion. The right column will list all current admin users for a particular role (left column). To make edits to a current user, click the blue Edit button. 

  • To add them to an additional role, type directly into the User Roles box.
  • To remove them from a role, click the "x" next to the listed role.
  • Make edits to their email address and name by typing directly in the corresponding field.

To add a new role to your system, click the green Add New Role button (left column) and mark the appropriate check boxes next to the administrative features you wish to grant. Add a user to the new role by adding in their email, first name, and last name. The initial password will be emailed to the email address listed.

Admin Users Video Tutorial


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