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Importing Schedules From Excel

Clubs have the ability to import their game schedule from an Excel spreadsheet into the League Scheduling System.  Your Excel file must have the following columns:

  • Game Number - The Game Number must be unique for each division.
  • Date (XX/XX/XX)  - Please note inside of the date function, they must be listed in 1/1/10 format and not 1 Jan 10.
  • Time (XX:XX <space> am/pm)
  • Home Team
  • Away Team
  • Field - The Field cannot be written as an abbreviation.  The entire field - with complex- must be spelled out.
  • Phase - Title of the game. The only four titles available to use in labeling are Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Consolation, and Championship.
  • Apply - Apply marks if a game counts in standings or counts for just one team. A "1" means the score only counts for the home team, a "2" means the score only counts for the away team, and a "3" means the score does NOT count for either team.
  • Round - What round the game is in. Typically (but not always) the quarterfinal games are round "2", the semifinal games are round "2" (if no quarterfinals) or "3" (if there are quarterfinals), consolation games can be "2", "3", or "4", and the championship game is a "3", "4", or "5".
  • Label - Label the playoff games as Quarterfinal 1, 2, 3, or 4 or Semifinal 1 or 2 so the system can help advance teams properly.  Without this information, the system will not be able to advance the teams properly.  The items that can go in this box are:  QF1, QF2, QF3, QF4, SF1, or SF2.

This must also be broken up into individual divisions. 

It is recommended that you add a column called Game Number to your Excel Spreadsheet.  This way you can control the game numbers, and prevent them from being duplicated.  It is recommended that you start each division with game numbers separated by 100.  Examples of starting game numbers include:  101, 201, 301, and 1001, 2001, 3001.  Each game will be labeled an individual game number.  Do not repeat game numbers within a division or across divisions.  

You have the option to import playoff games, too.  This portion gets a little tricky because you cannot import First Place Flight A, you need to import the code for First Place Flight A which is -1101. You MUST be sure that you use a negative sign before the number.  If you just import "1101" it will NOT import over.  However," -1101" will import as First Place Flight A.  

Another thing to note, most playoff games do NOT count in the standings.  Therefore, you need to make sure you include headers called, Phase, Apply, Round, and Label.

Importing from Excel Video Tutorial


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