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Resources for Club Admins Whose League Uses Demosphere

If your league utilizes the Demosphere platform to manage their league, there are several resources available to you as a Club Admin.

Club Admins can register their players and team staff directly with the Demosphere registration platform and then automatically sync their teams, rosters, players and team staff to the League. 

Our fully integrated Club and League solution allows Clubs to manage their own workflow, data and processes, while in turn, syncing the specific teams/rosters/players/staff that participate in a Demosphere-managed league. 

This Club sync provides huge benefits to both the Clubs and the League:

  • Streamlined workflow - no more data export/import or manual entry
  • Automatically sync data, photos, risk management status, proof of birth, US Soccer NDC data, etc.
  • Data integrity: reduce errors caused by manual entry, duplicates, and data discrepancies

Check out the resources below for more information: