Team Conversations

Sending messages to your Team Members is quick and easy on the Demosphere App. There are two options for sending messages: send a message to all Team Members via the Team Wall or send a message to individual Team Members via My Conversations.

The guide below covers how to send messages to individual Team Members. Check out the guide for sending a message to the Team Wall here.

  • Navigate to the Team you want to interact with and click on the Message icon at the bottom of the view.
  • Click the + Icon to draft a message to one or more people


  • Select the persons from the Members list that you want to communicate with by tapping on each name. Type your message and click the arrow icon to send.
  • Helpful Hints:
    • Selecting any non-rostered team member will display their association to the Team Member next to their name in ( ). 
    • If a person is shown as grey and italicized, they have not yet downloaded the app. They will be able to access the message once they download the app.

  • To view and reply to any of your Message threads across all of your teams, you can click on the Messages option on the Homepage of the App. You can also click on My Conversations from the Team Message view to continue to interact with an ongoing Message thread. 

Note: If a team staff member is conducting any direct message conversations with players who are participating in a “Youth” competition, a parent or household member on the player’s account will automatically be included in the conversation thread. Team Members (other than Team Staff) are not able to select players when creating new direct conversations. 


If you are a Club Admin and want to post a message to Team Members or Staff on the Mobile App, check this guide for more information.