Respond to Game Assignment Requests

When viewing pending referee assignment requests on the Demosphere Mobile App, Referees have the option to accept or decline the assignment for themselves or a member of their household directly on the app. Only household admins will have the ability to accept assignments on behalf of other household members

  • Pending assignments can be viewed from the Calendar or Referee views. A yellow indicator next to the assignment event will display to alert Referees that a response is needed. Additionally, there is a warning at the top of all unresponded assignments indicating that a response is required. 
    • If opting to accept an assignment, the assignment will be added to your Referee Calendar.
    • If opting to decline an assignment, a reason must be entered before the decline will be processed. The decline response will be available to Assignors and Admins in the Declined Reasons report. 


Assignments that require a response will have a yellow indicator. Declining or Accepting can be done on the Assignment detail view. Declining will require a note.