Email Team Members using your Mobile Email Client (Team Staff Only)

Team Staff Members can now email any team members directly from the Mobile App using their device's native email client.To use the email feature:

  • On the home screen tap Teams and choose your team
  • On the view tap on the Team Members icon
  • From the Team Members view, an envelop icon is displayed in the upper right-hand corner. When selected a new screen will display with all team members in a list.
  • To create an email message, choose the team members you wish you contact by tapping the checkbox adjacent to their name and click Confirm once complete. If you wish to email all team members tap Select All. Note: Only team members with verified email addresses can be selected
  • Selecting any member(s) will launch your device’s email application with all of the selected addresses within the recipient's field. Draft the email as necessary and send when complete.