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Make Team Rosters visible on the Mobile App and the Demosphere Team Pages

You can update this setting in your Season Structure view located under the Seasonal Registration Setup view. To update the permissions in this view:

  • Find the Program/Competition and Season you want to manage

  • Navigate to the Season Structure view 

  • Click on the blue edit icon at the Season or Grouping Level

  • In this view, go to the Permissions tab and indicate if you want either Team Staff and/or Household Admins to view the team page on the mobile app and the desktop view.


What happened to my Teams I synced to TeamNet?

Teams synced to TeamNet will NOT automatically be available in the new Team Page or Mobile app views. Visibility of Teams on the Team Pages and the new Demsophere Mobile app is controlled only using the steps above. 

Teams synced to TeamNet will continue to be available in for the immediate future. We will be sending out communication about sunsetting TeamNet. Now is the perfect opportunity 

What is the default permission set to when I create new seasons?

The default is always set to OFF for any newly created season

How do I only open access for certain teams?

The current access options available are at the full Season Level and the lowest grouping level. Based on feedback we will look to further build out these permissions settings.