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I've already synced my Teams to TeamNet, now what?

The Launch of My Demosphere and the Sunsetting Demosphere TeamNet Product

We highly encourage you and your members to start becoming familiar with My Demosphere and Demosphere’s new mobile app ahead of this change. 


What steps will be taken when sunsetting TeamNet?

  • Direct email notification will be sent to all admins prior to the Sunset date of TeamNet
  • A redirection of to My Demosphere will occur so all users will be directed to the new Active Teams view
  • Removal of the “sync to TeamNet” function as all teams should be made active and accessible using the steps outlined here.
  • Recorded webinars will be posted on support pages to explain how admins can make teams and schedules visible on the Team Pages and the Mobile App. 
  • An updated support page with updated FAQs to answer the most common questions about household, profile, and order management.

When will TeamNet be sunset?

  • TeamNet will continue to be accessible for the Desktop view only through Summer 2021. We will be sending proactive communication regarding the sunsetting of this product. 

Will Teams synced to TeamNet be visible on the desktop Team Pages and the Mobile App?

  • Teams synced to TeamNet will NOT automatically be available in the new Team Page or Mobile app views. Visibility of Teams on the Team Pages and the new Demsophere Mobile app is controlled only using the steps outlined here.

What about Teams I sync directly from Elements?

  • Teams that are synced directly from Elements Team Pages will follow a new workflow that will be outlined and communicated prior to the sunset date. The current workflow will still be supported through Summer 2021. 
  • These teams are also available under My Other Teams in the My Demopshere view

What happens to the events I created on the TeamNet calendars?

  • A new Team Calendar will be made available on the new Team Pages. This calendar will include all custom events formerly created on TeamNet calendars in the 2021 calendar year. These events will also be available on Demosphere mobile app. 

What is the difference between 'My Active Teams' and 'My Other Teams' on My Demosphere and TeamNet Teams?

  • The teams listed under My Active Teams in the Teams product and in My Demsophere were activated for access on the mobile app and desktop team pages using the steps outlined here.
  • The teams listed under My Other Teams are teams that were created directly, or only, in or teams that were synced directly from the Demosphere Elements products.
  • Teams synced directly from the Season Structure or Registration Management views using the Send to TeamNet option are not available on the new Team Pages/My Demosphere or the Mobile App. Those teams are still accessible in or on the updated views for